Fall Must-Have: Selvedge Denim

Finally, fall is in full swing! With that said one of my must-haves this fall is selvedge denim like these from True Religion. I love the color and it looks great for errands during the day or for a night out with friends. Mixing genres a bit to keep things interesting I partnered a preppy cable knit sweater from Jack Wills with rugged steel toe boots from Cat footwear. What are your fall must-haves?

Finalmente, el otoño ha llegado! Uno de mis must-haves para el otoño son los vaqueros (jeans) en color azul como estos de True Religion. Me encanta el color y se ven bien para ir de compras o salir con amistades por la noche. Mesclé géneros y me puse un sueter preppy de punto de Jack Wills con unas botas de Cat footwear para mantener el look interesante. Cuales son tus must-haves para el otoño?

Note- The Cat footwear boots will be available Spring/Summer 2014. Make sure to check out their site for more great looks.

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