You Can Take The Boy Out Of The City

....But you can't take the city out of the boy.

On my latest trip to San Diego the first things I grabbed were all dark items something that is totally not part of Southern California's fashion culture. My travel essentials for this trip include a  Retro Fox classic pique polo because no matter where you are in the US it's a step up from a t-shirt. The Jacob Davis raw denim jeans make everything I wear look cool and they're perfect for fall. For shoes I chose my beat up Chuck Taylors, they're like a fine wine and get better with age. And I recently got the bracelet from Giles and Brother and it immediately became one of my staples. When I travel I avoid looking like a tourist at all costs and find that pieces like these do the trick.

Polo- Retro Fox | Denim- Jacob Davis | Sneaker- Chuck Taylors | Bracelet- Giles & Brother

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