New Adventures With Robert Comstock

Hey Guys, I’ve been away for a while but for good reason. As of last month I started my new job at Comstock & Co. as their new merchant. This is a most excellent opportunity where I’ll get to use all my skills from styling to casting, coordinating garment production with factories to social media to visual merchandising. The Comstock & Co. Fall 2014 collection is finished and now the team is going all over the country to spread the word. In the collection you’ll find supple leather jackets, rich toned woven shirts and your next favorite v-neck t-shirt. For the next month I'll be hoping from Chicago to Seattle, Milan to Las Vegas and a few places in between.  Don’t worry, you’ll get to follow all my adventures on Instagram and Twitter @AdentroStyle and @Comstock_Co.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations!! I'm just now reading this and I'm so happy for you! It sounds like absolutely the perfect position for you and no one is more deserving than you.



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