Interview- Peter Manning Five Eight | New York

Time and time again, I've pointed out on Adentro Style great menswear style. One of the things all these looks have in common is a great fit. When presented with the opportunity to interview Peter Manning from Peter Manning Five Eight | New York, I had to take it. He facilitates for men of a smaller stature (5'8'' or shorter) to have access to clothes made especially for them. Peter explained that it's not the same for a guy to buy a pair of khakis or jeans at a another store and hem them a few inches. You see, pants are made in such a way that your knees are supposed be at a certain height and the closure of the pants are also supposed to be a specific measurement. By hemming them you are altering the overall design of the pants and they just wont fit right. At Peter Manning every detail and measurement is taken in to account to make perfect fitting jeans and khakis. As we continued to talk, I asked him about shorter guys wearing stripes, especially striped suits. Peter recommends to stay away from them all together unless it's a very subtle pinstripe. With the wintery season still here he mentioned that his must-have of the season are sweaters. There's seriously nothing like a great fitting sweater especially when you have to layer. You'll find a great selection at the site too! Now, if you are wondering were the Five Eight on the company name came from- it's Peter's height. This clothes line is very personal to him as he knows what it is to have limited selection of clothes available to shorter guys. One of the my favorite tidbits from our conversation is when he explained the nature of the site. The Peter Manning Five Eight | New York website does not sell collections this allows for items to be available in a more organic way and reflective of the needs of the customers. It was a pleasure to speak with Peter and learn about his great company. If you are a gentleman 5'8'' or shorter do you self a favor, don't wait check out the site!

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