Made in the U.S: Cool Tees

Last year in the month July I celebrated the U.S.A by showcasing brands that make products in the U.S.A. This year we'll be doing it again starting with GoodLife Clothing. The temperatures are supposed to be rising to the 90's and one of my favorite t-shirts this summer is this one from GoodLife. Now, if you're asking yourself what's so special about this t-shirt the answer is simple- the details. The contrast stitching is one of my favorite details along with slightly longer sleeves. To boot the fabric is Supima cotton grown in America which is amazingly soft. GoodLife also offer swimwear and accessories.

The GoodLife T-shirt partnered here with Jacob Davis jeans (also made in the U.S)
El año pasado celebramos compañías que fabrican ropa en los Estados Unidos. Este año lo haremos otra vez comenzando con GoodLife Clothing. Con el calor que hace una de mis camisetas favoritas es esta de GoodLife. Si te estas preguntando por que es esta camiseta especial, la respuesta es simple- los detalles. La costura esta hecha en colores contraste y las mangas son ligeramente mas largas. Ademas, La tela es un algodón llamado Supima y es hecha en los Estados Unidos.

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  1. I like those shoes, it's great!




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