RED, The New Wrangler Line

Wrangler just launched their new line, RED and these are not your grandfather's jeans. Craig Errington, Vice President, Wrangler Marketing took the time to answer some of my questions about the new line.

Why is the line called RED?
As our team explored names for the new line, we felt it was important to reinforce the brand heritage customers know and trust. Red is synonymous with Wrangler and truly reflects the heritage of the brand.

What makes this new collection different from what we've seen already from Wrangler?
With the Wrangler Jeans Co. RED collection, we're filling a void in the marketplace for this type of product. The line is designed for fashion-forward millennial men who are brand conscious and value driven. These men aren't willing to invest $80+ on a pair of jeans, or $60 on a shirt. The Wrangler Jeans Co. RED man is searching for affordable options from a brand name they know and trust.

The collection breaks the mold of what you expect from Wrangler, including slim silhouettes we've offered before with attention to details on every inch of the garment.

Where can this line be purchased?
The Fall 2014 product line will be available this sum me, nationwide, at mass market retailers and for around $20.

Shirt- J.Crew (Similar) | T-Shirt Merona | Boots- Rockport | Watch- Timex
I'm wearing the vintage skinny fit and as you can see they're a great fit. You can partner them with a t-shirt or shirt and you're ready to go. The wash works all year round so you'll get the most out of these jeans. Check out the rest of the new (slimmer) line at

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