BTS: The Carlos Campos FW15 Presentation

Have you ever wondered how a fashion presentation is put together for New York Fashion Week? I was invited to sit in and see first hand how menswear designer Carlos Campos and his team get ready to present the Fall/Winter 2015 collection and choose the models for New York Men's Day in NYC. This is what I learned.

  • In a span of 2 days the casting team sees 100 male models from all over the world.
  • 13 of the top agencies in NYC send their guys including Wilhelmina, VNY, New York Models, Soul Artist.
  • Models walk in one at a time, present their book and comp card. (contains sample of their work in editorials and ad campaigns).

Toni Petkov, Wilhelmina

  • Models are asked to walk and try on one of the blazers or coats.
  • They are looking for THE Carlos Campos Man, more often then not they know as soon as they come in to the room. Trade Secret! This particular casting director keeps three boxes in front of him to organize the model's comp cards for future reference. The boxes are not labeled but they are designated as yes, maybe, and no. The suspense, I know!

  • Once the models have been seen the casting team including the designer look through the boxes and choose their final models.
  • The comp cards are placed on the wall for further review throughout the casting and fitting process including alternates.

  • Once the models have been selected and available they are asked to come in for a fitting.
  • Fittings take about two work days. Each model needs about 30 mins per fitting.
  • The fittings are to figure out which looks work best for each model and to make any alterations to the clothing as needed. Trade Secret! At Carlos Campos, they tailored every look so it will look perfect on every model.

Chris Moore at Wilhelmina
Photos by: Miguel Martinez
Want to see more behind the scenes pictures? Visit Adentro Style Annex.

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