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Colognes are something I think men can learn more about and be willing to expand their options.  How many colognes do you own and use? I really want to know, so please comment below! As time has passed I've been more perceptive and willing to try out new scents. When you try out different colognes you'll learn what you like and what you don't. There's needs to be that trial and error. Fortunately this is not life or death, so take some risks. If you feel you need a brief introduction to the world of fragrances and its jargon then go here. After checking out my cologne guide you'll be able to articulate your thoughts on why you like it or not. One of the colognes I've come across recently is POLO RED by Ralph Lauren and I'm pleased with its soft yet masculine scent.

A cologne adds an extra weightless layer to your outfit and life. Whether you are going to work or out on the town there is a cologne that will be right for you. Next time you are out looking for a cologne try something new and check out POLO RED, you'll see for yourself how well it will fit your lifestyle.


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