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The polo is an essential piece in every man's wardrobe which is why you should meet Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown the duo behind Criquet Shirts. They've made the American classic even better. Billy took a moment to answer some questions about Criquet Shirts and who the Criquet man is.

Did you guys work together before Criquet Shirts? How has it been working with your best friend on Criquet Shirts? Hobson and I did not work together before Criquet, but we have always been looking for a way for us to collaborate and capitalize on our skill sets. Hobson's background is in e-commerce and online marketing, while my background was in design, specifically architecture (with a family history in apparel).  We thought that Criquet presented an opportunity for the two of us to work together and grow something special. Of course working with your closest friend is amazing. Not without challenges of course, as working relationships are different than friendships, but we have done a great job of balancing the two.  

Why is Austin your hub as opposed to NYC or LA? I moved to Austin back in 2007, after having lived in California and Oregon for the previous 15 years. Hobson was living in the Bay Area at the time the idea for Criquet was conceived. Having worked remotely for around a year and a half, and approximately 8 months before the official launch of Criquet, Hobson, and his expectant wife, Blake, moved to Austin. The move allowed them to be closer to both of their families, as they raised their son, and also positioned Criquet in one the fastest-growing, coolest cities in the country. Austin is a small city with a global reach.  It's an incredibly supportive town, with a great entrepreneurial spirit and a community of talented, creative thinkers. NYC and LA are obviously the epicenters for fashion and apparel/ fashion brands, but being in Austin allows Criquet to separate itself, as a Texas based lifestyle brand that appeals to a national audience.  

Who is the Criquet man? He is a classically styled, forward-thinking man. He cares how he looks, yet doesn't take fashion, or his style, too seriously.  He loves the game of golf, but understands that its more about the camaraderie than the competition. He appreciates clothing that works as well at the 19th hole as it does on the 18th. He walks 36. He mixes a mean cocktail and knocks back a beer with equal gusto. He takes care of business. He gives a damn.  

You started out doing men's polos and now are doing boy's polos. Do you see yourselves doing women's polos in the near future?  We launched back in November of 2010, with a women's line, The Lady Players Shirt (pics attached).  We loved the shirts, but they did not sell as well as the men's shirts, primarily because Hobson and I are far better at speaking and marketing to men (go figure).  That being said, 25% of our customers are women buying for their men, so we have every intention of bringing the Lady Players Shirt back in the fold.  It's a matter of timing at this point.  

Hopefully they'll bring these polos back.

Make sure to check out Criquet Shirts' website and stay connected +Criquet Shirts on google plus, @CriquetShirts on twitter and on Facebook.

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