Road Trip: Galaxy Diner on Route 66

Little did we know that right across a most awful hotel where we spent the night there would be this awesome 50's diner on Route 66 in Flagstaff, AZ called Galaxy Diner. I can honestly say that breakfast and lunch are great here because we came twice on the same day specifically because they offer 100 different milkshakes flavors. We had to come back for the milk shakes (Yolo)! I had the cookies and cream and chocolate milkshake while my little sister had the brownie chocolate milkshake and they give you the silver cup where its all mixed, so good.

Shoes- Aldo Shoes | No Show Socks- Mack Weldon (they live up to their name)

Shirt- UniQlo | Pants- Life/After/Denim | Tie- Skinny Tie Madness 

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