Interview | Asher Weinberger Founder and CEO of Twillory

Do you own non-iron shirts? Do you know how they're made? I had Asher Weinberger, Twillory Founder and CEO answer a few questions about non-iron shirts, the chemicals that go in to them and what makes Twillory shirts special.

How long has Twillory been in the shirt making business?

We like to say that we are a startup from the 1800’s. Our family heritage in the shirt making business goes back well over one hundred in years and across multiple continents and countries. On the other hand, with Twillory we have tried to re-tailor our tradition for the modern man.

What makes your shirts special?

What makes our shirts special is that they have been designed sensibly. Producing millions of shirts annually for brands everywhere has given us deep insight into exactly what guys actually want to wear and how they want it to fit. For example; there is a misconception that the way to make a shirt “slim fit” is simply to remove extra fabric. That’s how you would produce a “tight shirt”, not a “slim fit." Knowing how to properly angle an armhole so that the shirt drapes the body with a more slimming effect is the kind of sense that isn’t so common.

 How has Twillory solved the non-iron shirt problem?

This one is pretty straightforward. All non-iron shirts contain Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Why don’t consumers know about this? There has been no effective alternative and considering that non-iron makes up the vast majority of shirt sales by major brands, it wasn’t a secret anyone wanted to share. We made it our mission to not only educate guys about what goes into their shirts but also to engineer the first and only solution to the problem; SafeCotton.

What's next for Twillory?

We are pretty excited about continuing to build upon the SafeCotton disruption. We have a few new exciting products in the pipeline we'll be launching soon ;)

Here's a couple of articles about the non-iron shirt industry:
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