Well Suited With Indochino

I was invited over to the Indochino location in SoHo recently to experience first hand their custom tailoring service. The chic surroundings helped set the tone as I decided on all the details of the suit. I had someone along the way explaining and showing examples of all the different choices that are available in the showroom. My biggest suggestion is to vocalize your thoughts and doubts so they know what you are looking for and imagining and they will direct you to great options. Be aware that to make a custom suit takes time, so allow your self a few weeks to get things done as you will need to come in for a final fitting once the suit is ready. Take a look at my new favorite suit, the fit and all the details I chose.

Photographer: Ty Mecham

Shirt and tie- Nick Graham

One of my favorite details is the monograming option. Oh, and that lining, I chose that too and it's a swarm of bees!

I went for the three piece suit and love how the waist coat fits.


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